Pace Yourself

Today, the world moves at such a fast pace. From the minute you wake up to the minute you finally turn off your mind and drift to sleep. It’s hard, it really is, to remind yourself that life is about stopping and embracing it all sometimes and is something that people must be more aware of.

After you read this, if you take the time to read it all (i know i babble on sometimes) take a couple minutes… Shut your eyes, take a deep breath and just think of everything that is good in your life. Maybe you got the job you wanted, or maybe you have started the countdown towards your holiday, or it could be something as small as your partner cuddled into you in their sleep and it made you smile. If you feel like your having a bad time at the moment? have a think, focus on the little things that make you smile and realise that the little things is sometimes all you need.

The pace of your life is easily influenced by life’s many challenges and the pressure of society that seems to be growing arms and legs. Society, another topic for another day is a large part of our generations problems. Feeling as though we need to do this and go there and make ourselves that to post about it and make ourselves feel better (or worse) by strangers opinions. But what if we pursued our own goals and traveled to the places we want to go based on what we actually want to do rather than “because it will look good on social media”. Take some time out and embrace the moments that you really love or strive towards something you really want to achieve without the thought in the back of your head that says its silly or that people will laugh as; after all; its your life and you are the only person that will look back on it in 30 years or 40 years or even 5 years and think IF ONLY.

So think more of LETS DO IT and less of WHAT IF because it is your life and you control your happiness. So my challenge for you, is to STOP… as in RIGHT NOW and find the nearest bit of paper or your notes on your phone and write down one thing you want to achieve (no matter how small or big) and write down one place you want to go (this may be a country or a town or a beach a hour away from where you stay) and aim to achieve it. Trust me this is such a good thing to do and when you achieve it you feel so good about yourself!! I do this monthly if not weekly and have them all written in a book. Sometimes i add smaller ones in or bigger ones that may take more time and i aim to achieve them, checking them off as i go along.

So you’ve set a goal and a place to visit?? Great!! I wish you luck in this task and would love to hear what you have aimed for!! Send us in your tasks on either:

Zeale Facebook page:

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Jordan @ ZEALE xx

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