Being positive is not a thing that you either have or you don’t; being positive is a way of life, it’s changing your mindset for the better and influencing other people’s mood. Aim to not only change your mindset to be positive towards yourself but to radiate positivity to everyone and everything around you. It’s so surprising how much of an impact you can make on other people from a simple smile, laugh or even a small comment… “Have a nice day” to the person that served you in a shop or telling your loved ones they are appreciated and that you love them can go a long way. People are so caught up in the negatives of life, wether it be their worried about bills or they feel self-conscious about the spot on their face their day will be negatively impacted around the smallest of things without them even realizing it.


The task for me this month is to not only take time to appreciate what my life has become and how lucky I am to have the support of not one but two families and so much love from so many people in my life but to also transfer some of that positive energy into more peoples lives, including strangers. So here is my idea for myself and for anyone who reads this… Tell one person minimum each day one thing that you like about them; that may be the way your other half makes you a coffee in the morning even when their getting ready for work or a feature about a stranger (the outfit they are wearing or the choice of lipstick). I want to go out and hand out cards with positive quotes on them to people that I both know and strangers because everyone needs that reminder that life is good.


So, for those of you that are reading this… you are loved, you are wanted and you are beautiful even if it does not seem that way, trust me you are.IRELAND-127

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