Our Story

So if you don’t know already ZEALE has been created by my best friend and I over the past year. If you are not our close friends or family (the biggest supporters ever and the people we appreciate most) then you may be a little in the dark as to who we actually are, the meaning of ZEALE and where we aim to take this idea in the future. So here i am (Jordan) to shine a light on the situation.
First of all the meaning of the word ZEALE and the choice of our logo and slogan are extremely important. ZEALE means to have a great enthusiasm towards a goal or and objective and to do this with a positive mindset. We paired the meaning of ZEALE with the symbolic meaning of the lotus flower and the small positive quote “focus on the good” for a greater meaning than because it went well together, we want the meaning of all three of these to make an impact on the judgmental society we live in.
Our end goal for ZEALE is to create a community of likeminded people who are all ambitious to achieve great things and be confident within themselves to chase what they want to achieve. The possibilities of what we can do with our lives are endless and together we can make these possibilities more realistic.
So keep an eye out for new blog posts as we aim to pack them full of information, stories and ideas…
That’s all for now…and remember…
Focus on the Good

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